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文章导读:本文通过 PEST分析案例 的方法分析了黑色休闲集团的战略,具体内容一起来看看吧! EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: 执行概要: Latest trends have made mountaineering and outdoor activities very popular globally.The interest...





  Latest trends have made mountaineering and outdoor activities very popular globally.The interest in British has been encouraged as government is encouraging people to get involve in fitness activities,approximately half of the adult population of Britain get in a general activity or vigorous physical activity.The idea is to have adventure and to stay reasonably fit and healthy.Fair number of people is pursuing outdoor activities that interprets that the equipment market is served by a diverse range of specialist companies.The leisure industry is in contrast with the sportswear market which is flourishing on using sportswear for fashion,rather than function;only a diminutive percentage of the products sold by them are used for active sport.


  Blacks Leisure Group plc is one of the largest public companies dealing in selling of special clothing and camping apparatus.This is the parent company and it has subsidiaries Blacks,Millets,Free spirit and O'Neill.It trades the outdoor under the fascias Blacks and Millets and board wear under fascias Free spirit and O'Neill.The trade through direct sale internet sites and under brand Peter Storm and Euro hike from stores in British Isles.It is operating throughout the UK,Channel Islands and Ireland.I am required to construct management strategy for the Black's Leisure Group plc,develop measures for vision and objectives of the company and make a plan for the implementation of the defined strategies.Recently the company has faced a major loss from one of its division named O'Neill.The company claims a successful reduction of£5 million in its working capital,but they need to focus on more areas in order to gain the competitive edge over their business rivals.It is essential for Black's Leisure Group to cope up with the modern leisure industry trends to become a dominating market leader.

  布莱克休闲集团是最大的上市公司之一,经营销售特殊服装和露营设备。这是母公司,它有子公司black,Millets,Free spirit和O'Neill。它在fascias的黑人和米勒之下交易户外,在fascias的自由精神和奥尼尔之下交易董事会。该交易通过直销网站和品牌下的彼得风暴和欧元徒步从英国群岛的商店。它的业务遍及英国、海峡群岛和爱尔兰。为Black’s Leisure Group plc构建管理战略,制定公司愿景和目标的措施,并制定战略实施计划。最近,该公司的一个名为O'Neill的部门出现了重大亏损。该公司声称成功减少£500万的流动资金,但是他们需要关注更多的地区为了获得超过他们的商业竞争对手的竞争优势。对于布莱克休闲集团来说,顺应现代休闲产业趋势,成为市场的主导者是至关重要的。



  In 1861,Blacks was founded in Greenock by a seaman and sail maker named Thomas Black.Later it started making light weight tents,known for contribution in making tents for the military in Second World War in 1941 it faced a bomb attack and went out of the business temporarily,came back again with a new manufacturing plant in Glasgow.Black had a good sale in Africa and North America to expand the first foreign subsidiary was opened in Canada in 1958 and then in 1962 the company facilitated distribution in USA by opening a warehouse.The name was changed to Black's Leisure Group plc in 1984 after merging with Greenfields plc.Major achievement for the company was to acquire distribution rights of Fila brand in 1989,after Black launched its Pure Women it sold off Fila license in 2000.In 2009 the company closed down all its O'Neill stores due loss in this division

  1861年,一位名叫托马斯·布莱克的海员和帆船制造商在格林诺克创建了布莱克公司。后来,该公司开始生产轻型帐篷,1941年在二战期间为军队制作帐篷,因其贡献而闻名。1941年,该公司遭遇炸弹袭击,暂时退出了业务,后来又在格拉斯哥建立了一家新的制造厂。Black在非洲和北美的销售很好,1958年在加拿大开设了第一家外国子公司,然后在1962年通过开设仓库促进了在美国的分销。1984年与Greenfields plc合并后,公司名称改为Black's Leisure Group plc。公司的主要成就是在1989年获得了Fila品牌的发行权,在Black推出其Pure Women之后,它在2000年出售了Fila的许可。2009年,由于这个部门的亏损,公司关闭了所有的O'Neill门店

  Where is Blacks Leisure Group Plc?



  Political Factors:

  It is beneficial for the leisure market that the government has set very strict rules and legislations for the industry;this helps control the particular market.These regulations reduces the possibility of substandard production,like all other policies,imports and exports are being closely monitored this effects the international operation of the company like in North America Africa and Canada.Currently there is no VAT charge for exports and VAT on imports from EU countries has been exempted.European legislation has a collision on this sector includes minimum wages,working hours and imports.

  Economical Factors:

  Over all law and order of the United Kingdom is very peaceful and secure as compared to rest of the world it is an attractive tourist spot as well due to its history and natural beauty.

  Globalisation has played its role and people are more attracted towards discovering and visiting places all over the world.The group's statistics show that over 400,000 members are participating from UK only.

  Social Factors:

  We see that the social changes are reflected in the life styles and the hobbies of the people leisure activities are becoming more important and the society is now more globalised.The major tends that had an impact on this particular industry is the increasing interest in health fitness and sports that made the outdoor gear and clothing prominent in the leisure market.Families have developed the idea of camping and hiking as spending quality time together this goes in favour of the leisure industry.

  Technological Factors:

  The technological advancements have been made in all the leisure products the gear,clothing and foot wear.Making the gear more robust and at the same time convenient and comfortable as well as making more user friendly gadgets.Blacks have to be more vigilant to the demands parallel to the technological advancements and consumer demands.Internet and online sales are convenient for the customers the group has to focus on this aspect of its business to gain competitive advantage.


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