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文章导读:今天给同学们分享一篇 Paper代写 范文,一起来看看吧! Paper代写 首先,我们需要找到需要做影视配乐的公司,对他们的作品有一个初步的了解,并签订工作协议。根据规定,签署协议后...




  Start up

  First,we need to find companies that need to do film and television soundtrack,have a preliminary understanding of their works,and work to sign an agreement.According to the regulations,after signing the agreement,the composer will get the funds of GBP 9000.00.Then can put it into creation.First of all,investigate and analyze the customer groups of film and television works,understand the preferences of customer groups,and lay the foundation for the next composition.Then go to communicate with the music supervisor,who knows both film and music production,to understand what kind of music the film needs.After finishing these,will start to compose music.In the process of creation,it is useful to constantly discuss with music supervisor,modify the works repeatedly and modify the works according to the opinions of music supervisor.After going through this process,it should be able to deside on a first draft composition.After that,the process can move to start recording.According to the regulations,GBP 10000.00 can be received as recording fund at the beginning of recording music works.In the process of recording,in order to be limited by the equipment,a detailed plan of equipment borrowing is made in the early stage of shooting.Ensure that devices are available during recording.On the premise of not affecting the recording progress,try to record more materials for later editing.In addition,a detailed division of labor should be established so that each recording person can perform his or her duties.

  From the perspective of market strategy,in order to get a higher exposure,first of all,the composer need to ensure excellent quality.No matter what type it is,the composer need to do a good job in music and then try to promote it.Although most users'careers have nothing to do with music majors,the production level of a song is still sufficiently differentiated.To ensure that the composition has a good quality,it needs to have a certain level of packaging.From album name,cover,lyrics to derivative culture,it is an important standard for a musical work to be recognized.The market strategy needs to strive to mention the added value brought by this song,such as attracting movie lovers to watch TV plays through film music,labeling their works with a well-known symbol,etc.In terms of time arrangement,the marketing strategy of the first year is to hold exploratory promotion of songs in the region and hold the first round of large-scale promotion online.In order to deepen the user's impression of the song,on the one hand,it promotes with the traditional media such as business,radio and television,on the other hand,it stimulates the popularity of music through the topic publicity of mainstream social media such as Facebook,instagram and other platforms.In addition,it is also an potion to hire stars and celebrities to advertise through a part of your budget.Offline promotion can also be carried out simultaneously,and cooperation with shopping malls,theaters,bars and other places can be carried out for offline delivery of music works.Finally,composers can also interact with fans.Many fans like to leave a message on the musician's homepage.The composer often interacts with fans to cultivate more loyal fans.They participate in every step of the composer's career development,and will have a sense of participation to witness the composer's success step by step.Therefore,they are also more willing to support and share what composers do.

  In the long run,it is important to be prepared for a long-term battle in the market strategy.This is a very important point.Not only be aware of the importance of the marketing and promotion of music works,but also have long-term preparation and awareness.Most people will think at the beginning that it is necessary to carry out marketing and marketing only before the new works are about to be released.Once entering the next project,the marketing activities of the previous project will be terminated.In fact,this is not right.The marketing of music should be carried out sooner rather than later.Although the marketing strength in different periods depends on the promotion content and other project plans,the marketing strategy will be a long-term and continuous process only if the composer want the work to achieve greater success.In the second year,the marketing strategy should be carried out from two aspects.First,promote new users to listen to and buy music products.Second,strive for the enthusiasm of old customers for music works,and be willing to continue listening to music works.The specific way can be to increase the amount of channel investment and promote the listening activity of film and television music works through the marketing of film and television works.

  Rights&Royalty Management

  The first comes from the mechanical reproduction royalty.Despite the great impact of digital media on the record industry,there are still many musicians who insist on distributing CDs,ebony and even tapes.This also means that every time a tape,CD or black tape is produced,the record company recording the music works needs to pay the corresponding mechanical copy royalty to the songwriter.The second is the royalties for public broadcasting of music works.In fact,the public broadcasting of music works is everywhere all the time.The background music broadcasting in business bars,restaurants,cafes,hair salons and other places,as well as radio,radio and television music broadcasting,etc.Composers need to communicate with associations responsible for royalties,such as MPa,PRs and MCPs,to ensure a stable inflow of revenue.The third is the media mechanical reproduction royalty.If songwriters choose to distribute their music through digital stores,one possibility is to spread it to the public through interactive streaming services such as spotify.The interactive streaming service means that users can pay to play back their favorite music on demand,and store the music in the server until the end of the subscription period.Because the related behavior involves the digital reproduction of music works,the generation of the streaming media mechanical reproduction royalty.

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