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文章导读:今天给各位留学生带来一篇纯原创 Essay代写 管理范文,本报告旨在引起人们对耶斯勒沼泽南部问题的关注,以便最终解决该问题。 希望这篇可以帮助到各位留学生,同时需要代写也可...
  Project Overview
  This report aims to draw people’s attention to the problem of Yesler Swamp South so that the problem can be solved in the end.And the problem being explained in this project is the existence of the current invasive species in this site,which has influenced the lives of other animals whose habitats are located at this site.There is no doubt that the problem of this site has to be solved for the sake of those animals so that those animals can keep living there;otherwise those animals may be hard to make a living there.And the effective approaches that can be used to tackle this problem mainly include the below few ones:raising the site elevation,removing the invasive species,carefully choosing a diverse set of native species.It is obvious that these approaches can only help deal with the current problems faced by Yesler Swamp South,which is right why the long term development plan of this site is put forward at last.
  Project Summary
  Yesler Swamp South is situated along the shore of Lake Washington on the eastern side of Union Bay Natural Area,which is located between the University District and Laurelhurst neighborhoods in Seattle,WA.And this site is in the range of a large swath of managed and unmanaged natural areas within an urban matrix.And the northeastern side of this site has some canopy cover and it as well contains a large number of invasive species,which is the problem of this site.In addition,the habitats of the beaver,birds and a large number of wildlife are located here.
  Firstly,the post-installation site description with as-built map has been explained,which has introduced 5 polygons one by one.Afterwards,the maintenance plan is introduced,during which aspects like the approach,maintenance task list,resources,maintenance schedule,etc.have been respectively illustrated.As to the maintenance task list,it has involved in the invasive control,plant care,habitat feature maintenance,site upkeep,community outreach.And then the monitoring plan has been illustrated and this plan is illustrated by explaining from the quantitative monitoring and the qualitative monitoring.On the one hand,the quantitative monitoring is further stated by introducing the approach,the monitoring methods,the management response,the resources,the logistical considerations,the baseline data collection,etc.On the other hand,the qualitative monitoring is as well claimed by involving in its approach,its photo monitoring methods,the baseline photos,the resources,and the monitoring schedule.Last but not the least,the long term site management plan is explained and this plan is undoubtedly useful for the sustainable development of the site in the long run.Based on this,it is not hard to find that the whole project is in the sequence of detecting the problem at the first place and then trying the best to figure out the effective approaches in dealing with this problem.
  Project Description
  Yesler Swamp South is the habitats for a large number of animals while it has some problems,which has to be restored in order for the better development of those animals.One of the problems requiring restoration action is the presence of invasive species.The most detailed condition is that the site was overrun with invasive reed canarygrass to the point where most of the native shrubs and small trees were being outcompeted and smothered.What’s worse,the reed canarygrass thrives in the sunlight so that it has to be removed in order that other plants can shade it out and stop it from coming back.
  Moreover,there are a lot of approaches that can be taken to solve this problem and the aforementioned approaches mainly include the below few ones:to plant 550 native plants,to remove 0.5 acres of Himalayan blackberry,to install two fascines and to involve 55 volunteers total at 3 different events.There is no doubt that each and every approach can help,more or less,solve the problem in due time.Thus the joint efforts of the combined use of two or more approaches can contribute to the better solution of this problem in the due time.Apart from that,dense shrubs can as well be seen as another effective way to create shade at the ground level.But what is a pity to say is that the wetland tends to be too problematic out of a 2 feet rise in the water level of Lake Washington during the spring even though the shrubs are able to thrive in wet soils.Under this circumstance,the elevation of the site is realized through mounding so that the shrubs can thrive in the due time.The shrubs are supplied with more ideal conditions to outcompete and succeed in the regrowth of reed canarygrass together with other invasive species.
  Generally speaking,no matter what we do,our goals for restoration at this site are to plant more diverse native species that can outcompete and shade those invasive species at present.At the same time,we would like to play a part in providing habitats for birds as well as other wildlife.At the same time,we are able to add the aesthetic value to the area and draw back the interest of friends and the local community of Yesler Swamp to help further maintain our restoration work in approaching days.

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