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  For enterprise management,there are many analysis methods,most of which are PEST analysis.It is a method to analyze the external macro environment of an enterprise from four aspects of politics,economy,society and technology based on the perspective of corporate strategy.In order to analyze pest,we need to provide a lot of relevant research information and in-depth knowledge for the analyzed enterprises.The basic elements of economy are economic development level,scale,growth rate,government income and expenditure,inflation rate and inflation rate.That is to say,in the field of technology,there are breakthroughs in high and new technology,new technology and basic research.


  In order to improve the sales of goods,product analysis is necessary.Only when we understand the needs of users and know what they want,can we better optimize products and promote activities according to these data.When it comes to analysis methods,some people may first think of SWOT analysis method,which can help enterprises to find their own advantages and integrate resources,so as to form the strategic planning of enterprises.If you want to know more about product analysis,you can try PEST analysis method.



  Content of PEST analysis

  1.政治环境Political environment refers to the political system,system,policies,laws and regulations of a country or region.These factors often affect the business behavior of enterprises,especially the long-term investment behavior of enterprises.

  2.经济环境The economic environment refers to the domestic and foreign economic conditions,macroeconomic policies,economic development level and other factors that must be taken into account in the process of formulating strategies

  3.社会环境Social environment mainly refers to the national characteristics,cultural traditions,values,religious beliefs,education level,customs and other factors of the members in the society where the organization is located.

  4.技术环境Technological environment refers to the technological level,technological policy,new product development capability and technological development dynamics of the countries and regions involved in the business of the enterprise.

  Pest case analysis


  Graphic symbols commonly used in PEST analysis

  Sample of PEST

  Analysis of Disney with PEST method

  1.P(political factor)

  Disney films is represented by the United States.The analysis of political factors mainly includes the government's macro control and direct management of the media,laws and regulations of communication,mass media policies,etc.From the political point of view,because the United States is a capitalist country,the free capitalist system is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people,and the competitive culture is also very developed.The United States is a competitive country,and competition is encouraged in many ways.The role of government in competition is very small.The role of government is to play a reference to competition,not as a high standard,not as a participant.Therefore,in terms of the government's macro control and direct management of the media,the United States is quite loose.Here are two factors that I think have a great influence on Disney film production company from a political perspective:

  (1)Grading system

  The film rating system of the United States is a committee composed of parents organized by the Motion Picture Association of American(MPAA),which evaluates the film on behalf of the views that most parents may give according to the theme,language,violence,nudity,sexual scenes and drug use scenes of the film.The purpose is to provide parents with information about the film in advance,and help parents to judge which films are suitable for children of a specific age.Ratings have nothing to do with the quality of the content.

  MPAA serves its members in Los Angeles and Washington.The main members of its Committee are the chairmen and presidents of the seven largest film and television media giants in the United States,which are also members of MPAA.They are:

  Influenced by the American rating system,most of the films produced by Disney are g or PG.This may put forward some requirements for Disney's theme expression and content display.However,since most of the movie themes produced by Disney film production company are animation and two of the main members of MPAA belong to Disney Company,in general,the classification system brings some advantages to Disney Company.

  (2)Antitrust law

  This is the general name of the statute law formulated by Congress to protect competition,oppose monopoly and restrictive trade practices after the United States entered the stage of monopoly capitalism.

  The enforcement of anti-monopoly law is the protection of free capitalism,so that,although for a large company like Disney,the interests are damaged.But from the aspect of work innovation,it is precisely because of the pressure of anti-monopoly law that Disney film production companies are encouraged to innovate the old and constantly create and improve different themes,which is also conducive to promoting the development of the American film market towards diversification and health.

  2.E(economic factor)

  As the world's second largest media giant after AOL Time Warner,Disney ranked the highest in the media industry among the Fortune 500 in 2001,ranking 17th with an annual revenue of US$25.402 billion.This century old entertainment empire,with 120000 employees all over the world,has more than ten cable TV channels,five magazine publishing groups and four newspapers,six music brands and eight major American broadcasting companies,including ABC,10 TV stations,29 radio stations,18 Internet companies,MGM film company,Walt Disney film production company,etc Film production companies;Disneyland in Los Angeles and Paris,Disneyland in Florida,Disneyland animal kingdom,world sports complex kingdom;27 hotels,two cruise yachts,several hockey and baseball teams,Disney academy,etc.

  But it's just 2001 statistics.At that time,Disney claimed that it had enough cash to complete any acquisition plan,enough cash reserves of up to$4.5 billion and strong loan ability to play a leading role in the acquisition market.In fact,he did.In the past 10 years,Disney has spent 15 billion dollars to buy Pixar,marvel and Lucas pictures,and has thousands of characters such as Buzz Light year,Luke Sky walker and iron man.For their huge entertainment empire and film industry has injected a new and strong force.

  According to the latest data,the company is now experiencing another peak in its history.In the second quarter ended March 28,2015,Disney's revenue reached 12.46 billion US dollars(about 77.23 billion yuan),higher than the average analyst's expectation of 12.25 billion US dollars(about 75.9 billion yuan),with a per share profit of 1.23 US dollars,higher than the average analyst's expectation of 1.11 us dollars.

  In the past six quarters,Disney has exceeded analysts'average expectations in five quarters.Fortune even thinks the company is going through a peak,and Forbes recently said Disney was the most profitable film company last year.Since this year,the Disney movie Cinderella has made 521 million US dollars(3.23 billion yuan)of global box office,while Avenger League 2 has made 1.2 billion US dollars(7.44 billion yuan).Disney will also release Star Wars 7:the awakening of the force this year,which has attracted more than 200 million viewers.So Disney's earnings in the first half of the year are still strong.Disney is a land of fairy tales.

  3.S(social factors)

  The consideration and analysis of social factors are mainly from the following aspects:

  (1)The number and growth of audiences:with the development of economic globalization,the number of audiences of Disney animated films is no longer limited to the domestic market.Nowadays,the box office market of a Disney animated film is all over the world.In addition to the North American market and European market,in recent years,the Asian market,especially the mainland market,has become a strong box office guarantee for Disney films.The number of Disney animated films is increasing year by year.

  (2)Age and change of audience:Disney animation films are basically g or PG,which means Disney animation films are aimed at the audience of the whole year.But in the beginning,animation was considered the exclusive of children,not the type of film.It wasn't until 1937 that Disney Studios released snow white and the seven dwarfs,the first long animated film in the history of the movie,that people changed their minds.Since then,animation film is not only a form of children's entertainment,but also a mainstream form of film,which also broadens the audience age of Disney animation film.

  (3)Cultural background,values and belief Aesthetics

  Disney Company is based in the United States,so its cultural background,values and belief aesthetics have a inextricable relationship with American culture.Therefore,in Disney's animated films,we can also see the spirit of"American Dream"striving for success,the yearning and praise for freedom and democracy,and the typical American personal heroism.

  It can be said that Disney film company is a typical representative of American cultural output,but in order to adapt to the market of other countries,it will also timely adjust and adapt some of its own content.For example,"Mulan"is an animated film with Chinese color created based on Chinese folk stories.Princess and frog not only changes the traditional white princess into the black princess,but also changes the background of the story to the Modern New Orleans.It is also an innovation of Disney.

  4.Scientific and technological factors

  There is no doubt that technology is a good play for Disney film company.Almost in the 20th century,Disney's animated films are the leading ones in the box office.At the same time,Disney is also the creator of almost all new animation technologies.

  The factor analysis of science and technology environment mainly includes social science and technology level,National Science and technology policy and legislation,National Science and technology system.In these respects,the United States is undoubtedly the best.The United States has developed social science and technology,national policies and legislation support and encourage scientific and technological innovation,and the national science and technology system is also very complete.The first computer-based animated film"Toy Story"in the world comes from Pixar Animation Studio(now belonging to Disney film company).By the end of the 20th century,American animation films made a lot of use of digital technology and computer technology to make the picture more realistic.Nowadays,most of American animation films are CG films and TV animations.We can see the difference between American animation pictures and Japanese hand-painted animation pictures.CG film and television animation is computer animation,which is a technology of making animation with the help of computer.


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